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You keep hearing different terms, like commercial cleaners, window cleaners, duct cleaners, carpet cleaners etc., when you look for cleaning services and at times we do not know what they actually are and what part of services they cover. You may, sometimes, find it confusing too, therefore, it is important for us to explain the difference between the two. This article would help differentiate what these are, for your better understanding, for all those looking for the complete cleaning services.

Let’s, first of all, have a look at commercial cleaning:

Commercial Cleaning

The term “Commercial Cleaning” broadly refers to cleaning services for offices, buildings, or retail stores. Commercial cleaners are generally more trained and finish their work on time as time is the most important thing in commercial cleaning.

As we know, our office is the face of our business and it is extremely important that we keep it clean and spotless at all times.

Commercial cleaning

Commercial cleaning service does exactly that. They know what their clients expect from a cleaning company. Being one of the most trusted companies in Louisville, we not just believe in offering services of highest standards but also believe in delighting our customers and clients with our professional commercial cleaning services that’s why we take immense pride in what we do.

House Cleaning

House cleaning refers to a residential house or apartment cleaning. House Cleaning covers all areas such as floors, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Few companies clean windows as well with some additional charge. The cost and the packages vary from company to company.

As house cleaning is needed regularly, it is always advisable to hire someone you can trust and someone who understands you and your house properly. House cleaners take special care for showpieces, appliances, and delicate decorative items.

home cleaning

River City Clean Team has a 60 point cleaning check which ensures you get the best in class cleaning services. Our customers love us for our excellence and professionalism. All our staff go through rigorous background checks and are fully trained. It is not just a business that is important to us but also the overall customer experience. We have all the necessary equipment that makes the cleaning process easy whether it is the air duct or the window or the kitchen, we cover all the major dirt points in the house.

River City Clean Team is your one stop cleaner for all your cleaning needs be it a one-time clean, move in/move out cleaning or regularly scheduled cleaning.

So if you are looking for home cleaning services or commercial cleaning services, keep these points in mind. If you are looking to hire someone in Louisville KY get in touch with us today and we would ensure you are delighted with our professional cleaning services.

Our services come at extremely affordable and reasonable prices. We are a trusted and best cleaning services company. We are loved by all our customers and clients and because of best in class services we have the highest number of repeat customers and clients.

Wait no further! Contact us today!

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