Properly cleaning a post construction project for occupancy isn’t difficult, but it is time consuming. Many cleaners underestimate what is takes to fully finish clean these type projects.

We provide all equipment and supplies to handle your project cleaning from start to finish. Following is our check list to assure your new facility shines:

Pick Up All Leftover Debris

We walk both the interior and exterior of your project looking for any and all construction debris left behind.

Clean Up and Inspect All Hardwood and Tile Floors

Every post construction job includes a through floor inspection. Construction debris can be hard on floors and any damage found may require professional attention.

Restore Carpeting to New Condition

Carpet fibers trap everything from dust to wood chips to construction odors. We will first thoroughly vacuum your carpets and then shampoo and steam clean to restore to new condition

Walls and Baseboards

Once walls have been finished painted and any necessary repairs have been completed, we will give the walls and baseboards a thorough cleaning.


Cleaning lights and light fixtures is a must because construction work leaves a dusty residue on everything. Lights not cleaned will have a reduced efficiency and brightness and can cause odors.

Windows, Doors and Mirrors

Restoring your windows, mirrors, and glass doors to their original brilliance and clarity requires the correct products and experience.

Cabinetry, Closets, and Drawers

All need inspection and cleaning. These are commonly overlooked areas but need to thoroughly cleaned inside and out to collect and remove construction debris and dust.

Air Vents and HVAC

Your heating and air system help distribute fine construction dust throughout your facility. We clean the inside and outside of all air vents covers but we also recommend that you change your filters as well call a duct work cleaning specialist who can remove the dust and debris that will have settled within your HVAC system.

Cleaning Exterior Walkways and Driveways

The approach to your business is the first impression for new visitors. Making sure walks and driveways are thoroughly swept and cleaned is an important detail in your final clean.

Final Detail Cleaning

Door knobs, light switches, window frames, window tracks, and door tracks all require detailed attention and cleaning to complete your brand new opening.

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